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Kristen & Miami Woman Talk Sandoval On ‘Vanderpump’

Kristen & Miami Woman Talk Sandoval On ‘Vanderpump’

Well, my forecast that the Tom Sandoval/Annemarie face-off would take place during nights episode of Vanderpump Rules was incorrect monday. The face-off failed to take place. Perhaps perhaps perhaps Not yet. We should hold back until next Monday. Next Monday, we will have Annemarie, the Miami that is alleged hookup storm into SUR and ambush Tom Sandoval. Next Monday, Kristen will most likely toss her mind back and cackle with glee as all hell breaks loose. Next Monday, i shall undoubtedly toss my head back and cackle with glee as all hell breaks loose. I’m SO stoked relating to this.

(For the record, I’m not rooting against Tom Sandoval and Ariana’s relationship. Honestly, I don’t care who is telling the facts. I simply love reality television mayhem. And also the so-called Miami hookup turning up to Tom Sandoval’s destination of work to tear him an one that is new the textbook concept of truth television mayhem.)

OK, enough by what’s slated to decrease in future eps. Why don’t we reside in the now: with this Monday’s hour of energy, Kristen runs up a outside staircase with a brand new character known as Rachel. (Fun reality about Rachel: this woman is one of Jax’s exes.) After running up a steps that are few Kristen and Rachel pull over.

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