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Bondage roles: hogtie, overarm tie and much more

Bondage roles: hogtie, overarm tie and much more

Regular visitors will know that we’ve been on a little bit of a bondage spree recently. We don’t mean we’ve tangled up the employer therefore we can nip down seriously to the pub, rather we’ve been giving a synopsis of some key topics that are bondage-focused on the blog: from other ways to make use of physical restraints through fetish fashion and chastity play. All of the bondage fun you should possibly need… except maybe suggestions about jobs!

Intercourse jobs are a vital staple of blog sites like that one, and we’ve surely done our reasonable share of experimentation – working out some top sex move jobs or even the roles you will get into helped by the aid of an intercourse pillow. We had a go at tackling bondage positions and methods – a few of the classic ties and techniques that are used in bondage scenes so it’s high time.

Most readily useful bondage rope for novices

You when you’re trying out bondage positions of your own before we start, let’s explore the rope options available to. Right Here on the internet site, we offer three different sorts of rope: easy bondage rope (similar to this black colored rope by Bound to Please that is soft and strong), sensual bondage rope (such as this double pack of lush silky rope through the Fifty Shades collection) and classic hemp rope (such as this Bound to Please hemp rope, which appears more old-fashioned compared to other two).

Obviously you’ll most likely wish to set rope with some add-ons – head bondage kit like ball gags, for example, or spanking equipment with which to torture your sub while they’re tied up…

Top 3 bondage that is simple


It couldn’t be considered a post about classic bondage roles when we didn’t are the hogtie.

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