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Air Conditioning Services

 | Air Conditioning Maintenance & Services|

We offer an extensive Air Conditioning maintenance service at CR Auto Services.

The garage is equipped with an ‘Ecotechnics ECK 1800’; a comprehensive and fully compliant R134a air conditioning service station, which is quality and safety assured.

During an ‘Air Con Service’ we perform:

 | A full operation and performance evaluation of the air conditioning system |

| A full visual inspe...

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Expert Welders and Rust Treatment Specialists

 | Expert Welders and Rust Treatment Specialists|

When left unrepaired and untreated, rust can spread quickly. Excessive corrosion, damage or inadequately carried out repairs are likely to result in an MOT failure.

At CR AUTO SERVICES we are happy to assess your vehicle and carry out the necessary steps to repair and prevent rust from spreading.

| We are able to carry out a ‘Risk Assessment’ of the vehicle and advise you according...

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Custom-Built Trailers & Transporters

We offer Custom-Built Trailers & Transporters for any purpose.

Whether it’s vehicle transport, general purpose containers or safe luggage storage we can build a trailer that is right for you.

 | Built on-site to your specification |

| Fully or Part Enclosed to your needs |

| 100% Compliant with UK & EU Towing Regulations* |

Contact CR AUTO SERVICES on 07980669121 or send us an enquiry.

* – Please specify towing cap...

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Book Your MOT Today

 |  Pre-booked MOTs Include |



Book your MOT today on 07980669121 or send us an enquiry.

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