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oh they could, nevertheless they typically won’t, moving the dollar into the loan provider.

oh they could, nevertheless they typically won’t, moving the dollar into the loan provider.

But right right here the CRA has a responsibility to guarantee the information this is certainly recorded it, they should about you is accurate, and if Sunny won’t correct.

I obtained a message but account states they do not owe me personally anything and cant find out the total amount of previous loans, think We attempted to utilize before and had been refused as it used to be before these people were bought out or something like that, perhaps maybe not sure if i will be considering the exact same business or perhaps not, but understand used to do have loans using them in the past, perhaps perhaps not wide range of, hundreds in the place of thousands therefore probably maybe perhaps not worth such a thing no matter if these are typically incorrect.

Ahh wrong e-mail, they now say the total amount is £297 so should possibly get £2.97, I’ll do not invest all of it at a time it lol if I get

Sara – I have rang up, let me reveal some additional information. You a redress amount whilst they provide. They do not specify precisely what loans that this pertains to. You must e-mail in and ask. Would it be some loans aren’t contained in the redress calc? It might take a while i sincerely hope all are removed for them to conclude what loans are deleted.

Hard anyone to ingest for me personally this. We repeatedly reported with Sunny back 2017, unfortuitously because of ongoing issues that are personal missed the stop to try the ombudsman. I attempted to re complain following this true point however they wouldn’t accept it. Simply logged in and ВЈ3500 redress amount, very likely to get a measly ВЈ35. I assume there’s some positives to just take – I’d a highly skilled number of ВЈ529 which was frozen since my initial grievance in 2017 – I became emailed two months ago to say it had been cleared with no further payments required along side all history being taken off credit report.

We produced issue back January, they offered me £1198.68. We worked I accepted the £1198.68 for fear of them going under like Wonga and the rest out I was probably owed about £2, but. Really, extremely glad i did so because they paid up simply with time for my birthday celebration, in April. Personally I think for everybody who are placing their claims in now, and I also urge you to definitely place claims in with every loan that is unaffordable’ve ever endured! Before it is too late!

Best of luck, every person.

<2>ВЈ5,400 possible redress claim, i knew i will have forced harder with reimbursement claims from Sunny.

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