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Xander VenterusOwner of FurrTrax Social Networkshttp: //www.

Xander VenterusOwner of FurrTrax Social Networkshttp: //www.

On 2018-05-18 16:21, H. Wolf published:

We see you aren’t an adult.

Therefore, because you are but a young son or daughter, let us go outside and I also’ll just put youin your place like that.

Are you man enough?

No? Simply likely to conceal behind your keyboard eh?

Inform the FBI I said hello==============

Back again to me personally once again: At this aspect im becoming frustrated using this H. Wolf internet tough guy, the like tuesday after the break im likely to get in touch with my personal FBI contact, and place all their e-mails, as well as the information on this change on record, therefore if he will continue to spot threats, and harass us, the laugh at some point be on him. 2 remarks to the article | 1574 Views

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