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4 Fables About Internet Dating, Exposed

4 Fables About Internet Dating, Exposed

Just for the desperate, and doomed to failure anyhow? Scarcely.

1. Many people are lying.

There clearly was a extensive belief that internet dating sites are filled up with dishonest individuals attempting to make use of earnest, unsuspecting singles. Analysis does show that a small exaggeration in online dating sites pages is typical. 1 but it is typical in offline dating aswell. The most common lies told by online daters concern age and physical appearance whether online or off, people are more likely to lie in a dating context than in other social situations. 2 As I detailed in an earlier post. Gross misrepresentations about training or relationship status are unusual, to some extent because people understand that when they meet some body in individual and start to build up a relationship, severe lies are highly probably be revealed. 3

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